RiskTutor, Inc. Mission Statement

RiskTutor, Inc. is dedicated to creating products and services that improve the health and wellness of second half of life adults.  We are clinicians and educators who for the last thirty years have studied and lived the predictable dilemmas of aging.  We get it about the complexity and uncertainty of the journey.

Our work on this topic has resulted in a number of unique and innovative resources, programs and coaching systems for both individuals and families.  Despite the challenges of aging, we know that the right book, mind map, workshop, wellness adventure or coaching session at the right time can make all the difference, and we are in the business of making a difference.

We are also artists who find that our respective fields of creativity offer us a vehicle to bring inspiration, comfort and joy to others as only art can do, and we are in the business of sparking the creativity in all those who journey with us.

Better together.