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Caregiver Mind Maps
Bob Mauterstock Author, Can We Talk, A Financial Advisor's Guide To Assisting Baby Boomers With Elderly Parents
Your mind maps are brilliant. I am a retired financial advisor committed to training financial advisors to work with older clients. I have been speaking to family groups and financial advisor groups for years and I always reference your book.
Mary Kay Buysse, MS Executive Director, National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)
We’ve all heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In his book, Caregiver Mind Maps: New Tools for Eldercare, David Solie illustrates (literally!) the process towards meaningful, results-oriented communication between older adults, their family members, and other stakeholders. David Solie reduces the anxiety around these all-important conversations with step-by-step guidance to ensure a successful outcome. David truly understands the challenges associated with making key, later-life decisions, and provides his own innovative tools to enhance the experience for everyone involved. Caregiver Mind Maps could revolutionize the way we engage in caregiving in the future. Fortunately for all of us, it’s here now!
Stacy L. Allred
David Soile, a thought leader in the space of elder care, has created a highly practical tool with his Caregiver Mind Maps. David’s Mind Maps prove the old adage that “simple is smart.” With an area that quickly becomes highly complex, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a simple, yet highly effective tool for families to organize key data and initiate critical conversations around the important issues of elder care. I am highly recommending these tools to the families I work with who are assisting aging parents.
David L. Monday Master of Science, Gerontology
Another invaluable resource from America’s leading authority on communicating with older adults. Mind Maps is a simple but powerful concept that can help caregivers reduce stress and navigate the maze of choices and decisions they face.
Amy Smith A and M Senior Consulting Services
Finally…a tangible breakthrough for all those struggling with the new role of caregiver for aging parents. Caregiver Mind Maps remove the trial and error and empower families to make decisions and implement solutions together, while preserving the dignity and control so vital to our parents.
Derek Sweeney The Sweeney Agency
Caregiver Mind Maps is a brilliant thoughtful and insightful look at innovative approaches to bridging the gap between those who care and the people they care about. This book really opened my eyes to some of the very human mistakes I made in the past while trying to communicate and protect those most precious to me.  I love the practical tone of this book and you can see why David has won such accolades as a speaker as he guides you through the ups and downs, right and wrongs, joys and heartbreak of the delicate issues so many of us now have to face. Many thanks.
David A. Smith, Principal One On One Service to Seniors
The new book is brilliant, well thought out and a very practical tool for caregivers. It also offers a wonderful way to open up conversations and build awareness with adult children that are in denial and hoping for magic when it comes to addressing critical safety and decision-making issues affecting their parents.